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Rubrics of informative speech

Here is an informative speech rubric outline for you to use. It involves information on how to correctly do your homework and write your speech, with details that many schools and colleges would give you. If you are writing an informative speech then this outline is going to be very useful to you.

The general rules for your written speech

You should use a proper outline format with Roman numerals, indentation and capital letters. You should only outline with full-sentences and put your bibliography in the correct format. You need to use the appropriate number of legitimate sources. Many educational institutions will insist that you submit it before the day of your speech.

The introduction to your speech

Gain people’s attention and their interest. You must introduce your speeches purpose and previewed its main ideas. You need to give people a motive for listening to you and establish your credibility.

The organization of your speech

Make sure you have clearly stated your main points and that you have used internal transitions between your introduction and the speech’s body. You should also use internal transitions within the body of the speech, and internal transitions between the body and speech conclusion. You should also use an appropriate pattern, such as a chronological order.

The conclusion of your speech

You must have signaled the end of speech, summarized your main points, added a logical ending, a powerful close and made it memorable.

The support for your speech

You should use quality research including oral citations. You should have used appropriate soft evidence and appropriate hard evidence. From my personal experience when I used to write my speech - you should also use appropriate visual aids.

The physical delivery of your speech

You should use appropriate gestures, eye contact and you should use movement. You should have good posture and be suitably attired.

The voice quality of your speech

Your voice should have a natural delivery style, and you should avoid using vocal fillers. Your voice rate, voice tone and speech volume should all be at the appropriate level for the setting.

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The language used in your speech

You should try to use correct grammar and avoid as much jargon as possible. You should incorporate visual imagery, and feel free to use metaphors, similes, and analogies. You should always avoided offensive language.

The overall quality of your speech

You should make sure that your topic is interesting and appropriate, and that your speech informs people. You should effectively use a strategy to enhance your audience’s understanding. Generally, it should be completed within a four to six minute time frame.

Topics for your speech:

Music allows us to express our individuality.
Children should be allowed to get tattoos.
Schools should specialize in male and female pupils.
Is it wrong to bully someone?
Is peer pressure a good or bad thing?
Schools should have more hours for sports.
Schools need to start serving both breakfast and dinner.
Zoos are ethically wrong because it deprives the animals of their freedom.
Some animals should be allowed to go extinct.
Schools should teach children based on race.
Is television or books a better method of entertainment?
All of America’s wars have been justified.

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